XQuery Unit testing in eXist-1.4

[UPDATE 2011-01-19]: As of revisions 13587 and 13589, the XQuery Unit Testing framework has been ported back from eXist-trunk to the eXist-1.4.x branch. While obsolescing the need for the XSLT stylesheet presented in this blog post, I’ll leave the latter here for the sake of documentation. eXist users who want to test XQueries in eXist-1.4 now are encouraged to use its built-in XQuery Unit Testing framework instead.

[UPDATE 2011-01-05]: The XSLT stylesheet has been extended with missing features:

  • [feature]: added @trace handling
  • [feature]: added <xpath> handling
  • [feature]: added <store-files> handling
  • [feature]: added context handling for util:eval()
  • [fix]: <![CDATA[ ]]> in output: spaces required…

[UPDATE 2010-12-09]: The XSLT stylesheet has been substantially reworked, to produce

  • more legible XQuery code
  • more reliable XQuery code, taking into account serialization options, and deriving the most sensible highlight-matches settings where necessary

Currently, I’m heavily porting old XQuery code to the latest version of the eXist XML database’s new Lucene FT index and search capabilities. In doing so, I’m hitting a couple of bugs in this area, that I’m trying to isolate, test and report as clearly as possible. This post discusses a means to use the same test files for both eXist-1.4 and eXist-trunk.

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