Internal URL Rewriting with eXist’s MVC Framework

Since version 1.4, the eXist native XML database has been equipped with a Model View Controller (MVC) framework designed to express the logic for request routing of eXist-based web applications in XQuery. In this post I’ll illuminate a (in my opinion) somewhat under-exposed feature of eXist’s MVC framework: internal URL rewriting. With this term, I mean the fact that a URL, say http://localhost:8080/exist/urltest/test.xql is resolved internally to another URL like http://localhost:8080/exist/urltest/xquery/test.xql. Internally, meaning that the original request is not redirected to another one, and the user still sees the original URL in the browser address bar. As section 1of this post will illustrate, this works like a charm for ‘simple’ rewrites, like the previous one, but requires some thought if you would like to ‘chain’ multiple internal rewrite rules. In this post, I’ll try to provide a flexible coding pattern to achieve such internal rewriting with eXist’s MVC framework.

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